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About Us: Meet the Authors
Marie Newman:
Anti-bullying Family Advocate, Writer, Mother and Business Owner

The Fixer. Those who know her describe Marie's problem-solving skills as unparalleled and passionate regardless of the task. Her 24-year professional background includes writer, marketing executive and business consulting company owner. She has written and co-produced several anti-bullying tools/resources including "Bullies 101", an educational film concept and support system. Marie has worked with state/regional anti-bullying task forces and speaks on anti-bullying topics in community settings, parental meetings and corporate events. Marie and her co-author share some of their tools and resources on their website, 

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Jacqui DiMarco:
Anti-bullying Family Advocate, Writer, Mother and Business Owner

The Do-er. If there is a problem, she jumps in and gets it solved quickly and efficiently. Jacqui's professional background includes human resources consulting, corporate training, and owner of an HR consulting practice. Additionally, Jacqui is a member of state, regional and local anti-bullying task forces. She also has consulted one-on-one with parents of children who have been bullied or are bullies. She has been working diligently with elected officials to educate them on the negative impact of bullying and the need for pro-active steps to inform parents of the consequences of bullying. 

"We believe there are solutions to bullying and it can be stopped. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be solved."