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When Your Child Is Being Bullied: Real Solutions For Parents, Educators & Other Professionals

Introducing the first book of its kind in the bullying book category: a "how-to-stop-it-and-get-beyond-it guide" for those who are experiencing the humiliation, isolation and despair brought on by bullying.

When Your Child Is Being Bullied: Real Solutions For Parents, Educators & Other Professionals, is a step-by-step guide written by two parents who have lived through the process. This book uses a blend of relevant stories, lessons learned, research, and clearly laid out steps to help identify, understand, solve the problem, and get families back on track.

Book Reviews

John Halligan - Internationally respected anti-bullying advocate

Currently, there are not any manuals on how to stop your childís torment at the hands of a bully and get back to happiness. This book will walk you through how to solve your childís issue in an easy to understand and practical way.

Kathy Hersh - New York Journal of Books

This book can help conscientious parents empower themselves and their children so that together they can help safeguard the emotional health of all children. The book does contain sound, practical advice about becoming an advocate in the school system, as well as good advice about legal remedies if a parent is getting stonewalled by school administrators.

Rj Mitte - Television actor, "Breaking Bad"

This book offers practical steps for parents and children who are experiencing bullying and donít know what to do. In fact, the book should be used as a proactive tool that helps parents, their children, and school administrations before a bullying crisis begins, and leads to out-of-control behavior, or far worse, the death of another innocent person.
Why This Book and Why Now? Because children deserve solutions and deserve to be protected!
By Jacqui DiMarco and Marie Newman

Publication Date:
June 2011